Saturday, November 27, 2010

I always enjoy watching this movie " a man with a movie camera", especially the orchestral music playing in , it is wonderful, mysterious and unpredictable, I think it's been added in the 90's.
The movie is a silent documentary one, released in 1929 , the camera man wandering in the city holding the camera in Soviet Union, picturing the people from the beginning of the day till the end if it.
He's picturing all categories of people, the beggars in the street, the workers, police officers, secretaries, bathers, athletes, with a very intelligent and active captures.
what I noticed in this movie, that those people are really seemed to be very hard working, very social, active, and happy!
we all of course heard about the "red evil communism", and how this system fall apart and how it kills the individuality and the creativity and all these craps, but when I saw this movie I thought that maybe they were happy, they didn't need anyone to save them or help them by anyway, no body was that filthy rich or filthy poor either, no body didn't have work to do, no body had a time to think about how meaningless and unfair the life is and all these nagging
I imagined if there was "a man with a movie camera-New York version" for example, It would be the sin city!