Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ta-Ta Happy Bear

After an acute depression attack caught me last night (still), I realized a truth that I was missing for a very long time, during this long time I've been doing all that "positive energy shit" stuff, ,meditations, self caring (physically and emotionally), like keep saying and writing lame things to myself such as "you're beautiful", "you are special", or "I know you're sad and angry, we'll get through it together Mona", seeking my inner true self, my unconsciousness , my past life's trauma blabla, and not to mention, forgiving myself for everything I have done or haven't done yet.
Or like keep seeking with microscope lens trying to pick some (more) lame reasons to be happy, terrified of any relapse, and asking why -when I relapse again-cannot I be happy?

Simply because you don't have to, or because you are not designed to be one, and here's more rational reason: what do you need happiness for in a fucked up world like this ?, you'll end up smiling hysterically at the middle of the day trying to say something happy (?) like : "wow, the sky is blue today!", or "I love my mom!".
Just be your fuckin self and take it easy.
wow!! Finally! I don't have to be happy anymore!

Image by James Blagen

Friday, October 29, 2010

Today I'm in the mood for praising fate.
Praising our pain, our regrets, faults, guilt, hatred... our fate.
This feeling of heaviness I'll never be able to elude from, and actually I didn't have to after all..
Falling but not scared, because it'll never be strange, It's in my blood, praising it silently, absorbing it, till It become irreversible.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


I saw the movie "Equus" yesterday, at first when I saw its category on imdb seemed to me like "avan-garde bla bla" movie, on the contrary, It was very unique, impressive and beautiful.

It was pretty interesting that it talked about the psychology itself as an effective treatment, is to be treated from psychological problems means to be "normal"? To be taken away from your individual identity, to have a public identity in your society, and obey all what you have to do not to be "freak", "weird", or " crazy", or at least not to suffer from being an "outsider" all the time.
I believe that the mental institutions is like the prisons, schools, or all other governmental institutions, their motives to serve the citizens, on the other hand their motive is to make as more obedient (civilized?), submissive, monocolored persons as possible, they don't want any extreme individuality or rebellious persons, that's why the majority of people doesn't like "different" persons, because they contradict the system they obey.
Therefore, Dr.Dysart (Richard Burton) , the psychiatrist of the boy who worshiped a pagan God was envying this boy, because the boy had his own belief, his own passion, which was causing him pain, because he was too different, he couldn't cope with the norm of his society which led him to almost losing his mind.
Even Dr.Dysart couldn't know if he cured him or not, and if he cured him, cured him from what exactly, from his faith?
At last he managed somehow to (cure?) him, but this subversive passion possessed him without knowing how to cure himself this time, Burton's monologues affected me pretty much.
Also it was horror in some parts, I was so scared in the second half of the movie, the horror of knowing further, knowing the truth, and the most terrifying thing is, not to know how to go back, It was quite a journey, must see!