Friday, January 27, 2012

Dear Yacoub,

I'm still on my way, I hear voices, I know how to go, where to go, but there's fear, there's laziness, there's the desire, to stay here "just a little longer, won't do any harm, it's not that bad out here, there's some warm feeling out here, some safety, some ego"
But it won't work, I know that, all these wake up call messages you all are giving me, I got all the time yes, but I believe it's time to.
I know it's better our there, am already smelling it, not enough.
This time, I won't get caught by fear, I'll catch the fear, eat it slowly, then spit it all over, to go back from it came, from the light.
Just everything wants to be recognized again, so It can go back to the source, to the light.
So am I

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